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The Best Faux Plants for Your Home this Spring

A Blog by Interiors by Jen Davidson

As we prepare to transition from winter to spring, you may be getting the urge to lighten things up around your house. While dark and moody paint colors might be trending, light and nature-inspired decor pieces are still en vogue. Discover our top faux plants, trees and foliage to bring into your space as you invite the beauty of spring indoors.

1. Jen's Favorite Artificial Olive Tree | 2. Shady Lady Faux Tree | 3. White Lilac Greenery | 4. Faux Potted Wire Bush Plant | 5. Faux Phalaenopsis | 6. Small Potted Greenery


If you're looking for more ways to reimagine your house into a home, contact our Chicago Interior Design Studio to learn more about our design services and to see if Interiors by Jen Davidson is a match for you.

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