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Our Most Requested Amazon Kitchen Must-Haves

A Blog by Interiors by Jen Davidson

When we are styling a kitchen for our clients, we always turn to beautiful (and functional) items that won't clutter your counter. All of these items we use and love in our own homes. And the best part? They are all available on Amazon so you can purchase and receive them in a timely manner. If you end up buying any of these items, tag us on Instagram. We'd love to see how you end up styling them in your kitchens.

1. Olive Oil Dispenser Bottles (2) and Labels | 2. Marble Table Salt Jar with Brass Spoon | 3. 15 Piece Set of White Knives | 4. Bamboo Scrub Brush | 5. Turkish Mill Salt and Pepper Set | 6. Black Marble Spoon Rest | 7. Ribbed Glassware | 8. Molly on the Range Cookbook | 9. Woven Striped Linen Towels


If you're looking for more ways to reimagine your house into a home, contact our Chicago Interior Design Studio to learn more about our design services and to see if Interiors by Jen Davidson is a match for you.

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