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Holiday Gift Guide for Homebodies

My first holiday gift guide is here! I put together some of my favorite items for your friends, family or co-workers who love staying home. These are all tried and true items that I have received or have gifted that made a great impression.

This is one of my favorite candles to give and to receive. It smells delicious and comes in an adorable container that you can keep around as decor long after the candle has burned.

If I've learned anything, it's that proper care of your candles will make them burn longer. Pair a candle with this gorgeous 2-piece wick trimmer and candle snuffer set as the perfect hostess gift.

I have this subscription and once a month, I invite my girlfriends over for a mid-week happy hour. Give this gift and you'll have the perfect excuse for a mid-week pick me up with your friends.

As one of the fashion's most iconic designers, Tom Ford's 11" x 14" coffee table book will bring immediate glamour into anyone's living room.

Y'all. I love this cutting board. I have it in my kitchen and leave it out on the counter for all to see. It's a gorgeous, large round white marble and wood paddle cutting board that's ideal for serving cheese and other small bites.

The first thing I do when I get home is slip into comfortable loungewear. These slippers are on-trend right now and oh-so cozy.

Speaking of cozy things, this blanket is the most comfortable item on my list. If your friend is like me, she'll grab this blanket, make a hot cup of cocoa, and veg out on the couch watching "The Holiday" all season long.

Comfortable pajamas that make you feel as good as they look. My friends, these are some of the softest pajamas I own and I just love the light gray color with subtle stripes.

Have you tried this limited-edition kit? Girl. You're missing out. This makes a great gift that will leave your friend's hair silky, smooth and holiday party ready. The smell is also great - not too overpowering.

If your friend or family member loves to cook, this marble cookbook stand is simple, sleek and the perfect addition to any kitchen.

There's just something about froth that makes espresso even better. For the coffee lover on your list, this is one of my favorite milk frothers that has a chic design and is very easy to use.

Monikers is a classic card game that has been named "The perfect party game" by the New York Times. This is a great game for medium to large groups that involves one-word clues, a good memory and a little acting skills.


Please note that Jen Davidson may receive commission on items purchased by clicking on these links. Thank you for supporting our business.


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